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A Simple Diet to Cleanse and Detoxify Your System

on May 19, 2013

fruits, veg & juicesI’ve always wanted to try fasting. There are many reported health benefits of going without food for short periods of time and the 5:2 intermittent fasting diet (where you eat normally for 5 days and fast on the other 2) seems to have had a lot of press lately. Even the NHS reports that studies show this fasting diet can aid in weight loss and help reduce the risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes and certain obesity-related cancers.

Absolute fasting, however, would not be practical whilst maintaining a normal Western lifestyle. Personally speaking, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to keep up my daily Ashtanga yoga practice, let alone function properly at work, whilst fasting!

However, the module I’m currently studying in my BSY Group nutrition course outlines a cleansing diet which presents a much safer and more practical alternative to fasting.

The premise of this cleansing diet is that it’s highly alkalising, which makes it particularly useful for arthritis sufferers as it strips away the acid build-up responsible for inflammation in the joints. It can also be very beneficial for cancer sufferers and others with serious illnesses, as well as anyone looking to lose weight, eliminate toxins, revitalise the body and clear the mind.

It’s a very simple diet which involves eating only fruits and vegetables and drinking only distilled or filtered water, herbal teas and fresh fruit or vegetable juices for either 5, 7 or 10 days. You can also add the following amounts of neutral or alkalising foods to the diet:

  • Brown rice: up to 1 cooked cup per dayAlmonds and avocados
  • Almonds: up to 20 per day
  • Avocado: up to 1/2 a small avocado per day

The fruit & veg should be consumed with as few combinations as possible at each meal and should never be eaten together, i.e. you should eat either fruits or vegetables for each meal or juice.

It’s not uncommon to experience a ‘healing crisis’ in the first few days of such a cleanse. As the calorie intake is lowered, excess fat is burnt off quicker, taking with it any toxins stored within the fat. If the liver and kidneys are unable to eliminate these toxins faster than they start entering the bloodstream, this can lead to a temporary feeling of unwellness.  However, these reactions shouldn’t last long and by the end of the detoxification you should be feeling much lighter and stronger with higher energy levels.

It can be useful to supplement this diet with digestive enzymes to reduce flatulence and bloating, and with enemas and colonic irrigation to cleanse the bowel and multiply the effectiveness of the detoxification process.

I should point out that this diet is not suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women, people who are severely anaemic or nutritionally deficient, or the elderly. If in doubt, you should seek medical advice before attempting any cleansing programme.

I intend to put this diet into practice very soon. I have a buddy to do it with, which should help with the motivation and recipe ideas. So all I need now is to get myself a juicer and decide on the most appropriate event-free week in which to do it!

If you’ve tried this or a similar cleansing diet I’d love to hear about your experience and whether it’s made a difference to your overall health. Please leave a comment below. And wish me luck!


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